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It is somehow magical when simple black and white rice changes into a regal shade of purple during the cooking process. The secret of the rare Wizard of Laos mixture, made of three distinct rice varieties, was discovered by farmers in Laos during the Kha period.  Due to its surprising change of color, lustrous purple rice became a special treat on holidays; and due to the strength that the rice was said to give the eater, it was seen in the post Khmer era as a meal of rulers.  Violet is the color of magic – an example of the mixing of red from the body with the blue of the spirit.  Since it is so rarely found in nature, the color also represents zest for life, appreciation for the beauty of earthly existence, and respect for spirits unseen. “The poor farmer from the valley knew that in violet one finds composure and enhanced wisdom. Fa Ngum, the mythical king, had it brought to him.  When he saw that the uncooked rice was colorless, he became angry and wanted to ban it.  But then his favorite concubine, the daughter of a small farmer, came to him with this same rice – just now cooked.  He noticed that this rice was beaming shades of purple.  He ate it with abandon and found that it also bore aphrodisiac properties.  He immediately seized this concubine and took her into his chambers.  They stayed in the chamber for days…and from that moment on, the two lived a harmonious, monogamous romance that lasted until the end of their days.”Wizard of Laos consists of a mixture of two delicious and aromatic sticky rices.  It is harvested today by small farmers in the north of Laos, and prepared for special feats.  Its ability to change color makes Wizard of Laos one of a kind. Wizard of Laos is like a ray of shining beauty that opens its flavor to those who enjoy it.  Passion and long life will accompany you along your path. How to prepare:Rinse rice with cold water before cooking. Add two cups of water per one cup of this rice specialty. Bring to a boil.Add salt to taste.Let steam for 25 minutes at low heat.Let rice expand, then drain.

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