Traditional Classic Caviar 30g. Riofrío



Following traditional recipes, we prepare extremely high quality Mallosol caviar, with just the right level of maturity and salt, as prepared in the Guadalquivir more than 80 years ago, producing an intense and complex flavour that identifies the best original Iberian Caviar.

Company information:
Caviar de Riofrio’s origins date back to the Industrial Piscícola Navarra founded in 1956 and which, in 1963, expanded to its current facilities in Andalusia (Riofrio).

Therefore, with more than 50 years’ experience breeding fish, and three facilities, including two of the most important sturgeon farms in all of Europe, we are one of the leading sturgeon farmers in the world, and the most important one of the A. naccarii species, as well as the only one with organic certification for caviar and sturgeon.

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