Supreme Caviar from farms 125g. Sos



Our caviar from farms is an authentic gem for the taste. Its elaboration is unique and pioneer in the world: the swimming pools and lakes where fishes are bred and developed, can measure up to 25 km long. The food from which the fishes are fed is natural and with the same characteristics as the ones found in Caspian Sea.

Company information:
SOS Caviar (Caviasa 2010 sl) has many years of experience working with the seek and selection of the best caviars of the world, always taking care of every little detail in order to delight our customers.
Every little spoon of our Caviar brings you to a world of new sensations where all the senses are captivated by the aphrodisiac power from which this caviar is characterized.
A long time ago, it was believed to be God’s feast because it was giving strength and vitality to whom that tried it.

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