Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil Black Truffle 200ml. Surat



Our Spray Kitchen Surat consist in a 100% extra virgin olive oil. It is an authentic and healthy olive juice is 100% natural. It is ideal for flavoring your dishes and bring innovation to your kitchen. Here are some things culinary. Ideal for Grill, does not generate smoke, nothing Sticks. Made Especially for Diets to reduce Calorie Intake. Adds aroma to cuisine in a Healthy Way. Value-Saving, just the right amount each time. Easy to Clean, food will not stick to cookware.

Company information:
The origins of Vianóleo are founded by more than three generations dedicated to the care of crops such as olives and tomatoes, a tradition passed on from father to son along with a passion for the land and the preparation of healthy nourishments. We are currently managing 320 hectares of olives, 30 hectares of tomatoes, as well as many almonds and cereals. We strive for a sustainable agriculture, developing the most advanced farming techniques and establishing policies that respect and care for the environment.

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