Sparkling Volcano Terra organic 300g. Lotao



The sparkling rice of warriors
The secret of Sparkling Volcano rice is known to only 2,000 people located in the Tasikmalaja region of West Java.  Strength and efficacy infuse this rice, thanks to the rich volcanic soil in which it is grown.  Indeed, Sparkling Volcano Terra, is the the warrior, the rice of elemental force.  Its home territory Java is located, like neighboring island Bali, on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the world’s most active volcanic region.  Fertile lava-rich soil and equatorial sun lend this rice energy – energy from the earth as well as from the universe. Even today, belief in the rice god Dewi Sri remains strong on Bali, whose myths in earlier eras carried weight in the entire region.  The rice has a soul, so thought the inhabitants, and they installed on each rice field a shrine.  These sorts of shrines are still found today on Bali. “Demons overtook the land and laid it bare in short order with blazes of fire and mudslides.  Whole harvests were often destroyed.  The people suffered from bitter hardship.  Then Dewi Sri appeared and ruled, that the good and harmony should rule.  To make this possible, she planted this rice on earth, to give the fighters energy to resist the evil and to create well being for the gods and man.”Sparkling Volcano Terra is the great conqueror, one that by its own nature overcomes earth’s most magisterial forces, namely fire and earthquakes.  Courage and strength will come to those who eat this rice.  And good luck will help you in your task to win.  How to prepare:Rinse this purple, brown, and red rice mixture with cold water. Add two cups of water per one cup of this basmati rice specialty. Bring to a boil.Add salt to taste.Let steam for 30 minutes at low heat.Let rice expand, then drain.

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