Sea Urchin Conserve 120g. Erismar



Sterilized product presented in cans, with a 3-year shelf-life, ideal for appetizers. Enjoy a “taste of the Sea” that is just as brave and virgin as our Costa Brava.

Company information:
Eris-Mar was founded in 1984 by the Garrigo family, who have a long tradition of fishermen in Costa Brava.

At this time, it was the first European company to develop and commercialize the sea-urchin caviar. Prepared with Mediterranean sea urchin roe, it is the real quality emblem and banner of our company. Raw and preserved, we began selling this product to the most well-Known restaurants, who at that time didn’t know the excellence and possibilities of this small, sharp equinodermus.

By the early 1970’s , Jaume Garrigó, first professional shell-fisherman in Costa Brava, introduced sea urchins to restaurants.Until this time, sea urchins were eaten only on the beach rocks by sea friends and sailors, never going beyond the shore. In 1979 the first sea urchin exportatation from Spain to the central market in Paris began.

With much passion and patience, Garrigo preserved in his determination to give to that Mediterranean delicacy the recognition it deserved by all food connoisseurs. It was then that Jaume Garrigó had the innovative idea of canning the sea urchin roe in small crystal jars, the same crystal jars we serve today from Eris-Mar.

In this modern world we live in, Eris-Mar continues to work its product in the most skillful way, offering the best quality in the market to friends and clients. The clientele recognizes the exclusive and exquisite quality of Eris-Mar products. Currently, Eris-Mar is the only company that offers Mediterranean sea urchin roe, which may be smaller and in shorter supply, but is most generous on aroma and flavor.

With time and the recognition of our sea urchins, we have introduced new products for the gastronomic market, including Mediterranean Anemones and a variety of seaweed.

From the time the sun rises in the morning, accompanying our people to the sea, until the last of us turn off the lights of Eris-Mar, we work diligently and are proud to offer the best quality and service to those who make gastronomic innovations and constant improvements possible.

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