San Valentín 75cl (Pack of 6). Torres



DescriptionCreated by Miguel Torres Carbó as a gift to his wife, Margarita Riera, on Saint Valentine’s Day.OriginThe Parellada grape, the best traditional white variety found in our highest vineyards, produces fruity, aromatic wines with moderate alcoholic strength, such as San Valentín.Serving suggestionsA delicious accompaniment to milder flavoured shellfish and crustaceans such as clams and spider crab, or fish in sweet sauces. Ideal with sweet pastries. Serve chilled (about 8ºC).Tasting NotesClear pale yellow colour, with enticing aromas of fresh grapes, together with other fruits (ripe bananas, quince ) and flowers (acacia with hints of roses and rosemary). Voluptuous and slightly sweet on the palate.Grape VarietiesParellada: The finest and most delicate of the traditional Catalan white varieties.

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