Powdered Curry 50g. Bernau Herbes de l’Urgell



Curry is a spices mix coming from India. Recommended for meat, poultry, chicken sauces and varied soups. Widely used in modern cuisine.

Company information:
Situated in the middle of the regions of Urgell and Segarra, between the lands of castles and fountains. Peasantry lands. Where the farming activity has been the basis of our culture and our history.

Herbes from Urgell, is the answer of the concerns and dynamism in the implantation of alternative crops and the traditional ones from cereal, almonds and olives of our region. A good knowledge of our means, suitable machinery and our farming experience, let us have a farming with a wide range of vegetable species for medicinal and aromatic usage. Good farming practises and careful respect for our environment let us today offer a product, herbicide and pesticide-free, with high quality primary substance, flavour and aspect.

These are aromatic and medicinal plants, cultivated in the lands of L’Urgell and La Segarra; in the valley of Ondara river, of diverse and singular aspect and honouring the castle of Fonolleres. A burning sun in summer time and an icy winter: such an adverse climate, makes us be able to get a remarkable crops combination. Old time lands, grown up in the shadows of the past between olive trees, almond trees and grazing, enriched with the last technology from the last generation to conserve and equilibrate the surroundings. All this together, makes us able to produce aromatic and medicinal plants, with strict controls in production and elaboration of them. Natural herbal teas, spices for seasoning and honey. A wide range and varied selection in products of our own.

Cold sunrises, dry noon, splendid sunsets and humid nights come along with us in Spring and Summer. Surrounded with cereal, nature with its surprising vitality watch growing up our crops. A wide variety of plants full of colour, smell and flavour. Our products are like this.

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