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The fragrant rice of the WiseIt is a mythical rice of rituals: Oriental Sensation Smoked.  A long-grain, Basmati rice, it is smoked by means of an intense and special process that transforms the rice into a tangy taste sensation. The smoking of the rice occurs according to a time-honored Persian tradition.  Special woods and a poultice of plant extracts are mixed with care and brought to a smoldering heat.  The smoking process lasts many hours. The smoking of various dishes occurs in many cultures not just to preserve food but also for spiritual reasons.  The heavenly transformation of smoke serves as an age-old element of the metaphysical experience.  Indeed, the here and now melds itself with a higher level of consciousness, be it spiritual nature or a manifestation of the godly.  “In the age of the Selucide, the Persian Empire stretched all the way to India.  The austere, imperious ruler was brought rare rices from river basins.  However, he did not want them, for he considered them to be common.  The next night, the despot knocked over an oil lamp.  A great fire burned, and smoke ensnared the still wet rice.  Yet, instead of burning, the fire unleashed the rice’s natural spices.  As the grave leader looked through the thinning smoke, he remembered himself as a young man, as the joyous villager of his youth, who once gathered stones at the foot of the river.  He remembered all of the joy of his earlier years, and from this point on, he resolved to be considerate and kind once again.”For Oriental Sensation Smoked, we’ve chosen select Basmati rice varieties, and enriched them with velvety, dusky smoked aromas.Oriental Sensation Smoked is the wise one who confers his wisdom on those who eat it.  Strength of spirit and good judgment set you apart. How to prepare:Add two cups of water per one cup rice.  Bring to a boil.Add salt to taste.Let steam for 20 minutes at low heat.Let rice expand, then drain.

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