Organic Red Quinoa 500g. Kalpa Organic Quinoa



We have selected “Roja Pasankalla” for the Red Quinoa.This variety, grown and harvested naturally around the 12,000 feet above sea level, in the Department of Puno (Perú), gives a Medium-Large Grain (1.50-1.80 mm) with a red-shinny characteristic color.Our processes ensures a grain with absent of Saponin and free of Gluten. Our Quinoa comes in Doy-Pack of 500 g. presentation, which, stored correctly, can last up to 22 months.Company information:KALPA, “strength” in Quechua, we are a recently formed peruvian company dedicated to the elaboration of Quinoa products. We have taken three steps to ensure a product that stands out:1 – Location, location, locationHaving the best grains involves finding the best place to cultivate it. Our Quinoa comes from Puno, located in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 12,000 feet. This region is optimal to cultivate Quinoa for three main reasons:The indigenous “know how” of working without pesticides; a basic element to have outstanding land qualities which give an organic grain.Weather Conditions; Quinoa has great nutritional properties due to the surroundings in which it grows. The Peruvian highlands are known for having an aggressive climate in which only the strong can survive.Three harvests every year; a quantity of quality production.2 – The food follows the eyeIt’s not enough to have a great quality product- it has to be seen. The presentation of Kalpa products are sure to stand out for its detail and simplicity, striking the consumer as the best choice.3 – Certifications and Gluten FreeOur products have organic certification and certification process that ensures a pure grain, free of impurities and pollution that has no traces of gluten.

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