Mango and Passion Fruit Jam 215g. Belberry



Our traditional jams are boiled in open kettle. The exquisite taste is obtained by Royal Preserve using 55% high quality fruit and the finest sugars. Where necessary natural apple pectin is added. The conservation process take place in a natural way, by autopasteurization.

Company information:
The history of Belberry started in 1956, when AndrE Vandererfven acquired a small grocery store ( Epicerie fine ) that existed since the late 19th century in the West- Flemish city of Kortrijk.

He started with the production of preserves for the local market. This happened after the wife of the neighbourhood’s pharmacist asked André to make her original marmalade with an ancient recipe, after she went too old to do the heavy job.

When his son Thierry Vandererfven took over in 1990, he started with expanding the home made production and to export these delicious preserves all over Europe. Nowadays, you can find Belberry jams & marmalades in the best department stores, the finest deli shops and gourmet stores all over the world.

Nothing beats the exquisite taste and perfect colour of home-made marmalade, carefully crafted with the best fruits and finest sugars. Belberry Royal Marmalade, a part of the Belberry brand, offers an assortment of 8 delightful tastes in citrus-based marmalade, each made according to traditional methods.

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