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CONTAINING ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: WATER, PEAR JUICE, LEMON JUICE AND SICHUAN PEPPER. AND NOTHING ELSE.LINDA Pear + Sichuan Pepper is the second sister in the Linda family. Like the others, it is 100% natural, without gas or added sugars. Linda Pear is not any pear juice: it contains Suchuan Pepper, a spice from China with an aromatic, slightly sweet flavour. The difference between this rare pepper and the regular sort is that it’s not hot at all! Try it and see!Linda Pear has nothing to hide, it contains nothing but water, natural pear juice, a dash of 100% natural lemon juice and the special touch of the Sichuan pepper.The PEAR, besides being a uniquely refreshing sweet and tasty fruit, provides a long list of important nutrients. It’s very rich in natural water, which will help you watch your figure. Its high fructose content makes it ideal for sports people while they work out. It is very gentle to diabetics thanks to its high fruit sugar content. And its high pectin content will help your intestinal tract do its work.SICHUAN PEPPER is highly valued in eastern medicine for its analgesic properties and ability to aid digestion. It also has antiseptic properties. It is highly recommended to strengthen the immunological system when experiencing extreme changes in temperature. Its vasodilatory properties mean that it reduces cholesterol levels.

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