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CONTAINING NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY: MANDARINE AND ROSEMARY JUICE. AND NOTHING ELSE.LINDA Mandarine + Rosemary is the third sister of the Linda family. Like all of them, it is a juice with no added sugars, with no gas and without preservatives: 100% natural.In our research for traditional tastes with more exotic blends, we discovered that mandarin perfectly gets along with the aromatic rosemary taste; two very common elements but, when being mixed, they give a unique and really refreshing taste.MANDARINE is a citric rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, which makes it very useful during colds. Besides, it has bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties, it is appropriate for ulcer treatments and helps the intestine and digestion.The ROSEMARY is a Mediterranean plant often used in gastronomy as well in medicine due to his noble properties: its essential oil is used to treat rheumatic aches and lumbago; it relieves cough and it’s good for the liver and to calm stomach cramps. It is a good complement for anaemic states thanks to its high content of iron and it is one of the most antioxidant plants, helping against aging and reducing cholesterol.

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