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Ginger is an amber coloured beer with a rich crispy taste. Take a quiet moment and enjoy the taste and relax. The slight tingling caused by the ginger makes a crisp and a refreshing twist. It typically combines well with meat or goose liver. However in the region India and China ginger is used with curries and fish.

Company information:
iKi is brewed with the influences of the Asian Culture and the modern mode of life in mind. iKi beer is unique, thanks to the succesful fusion of Asian ingredients combined with Western craftsmanship. The taste of iKi beer reflects its origin and the quality of its ingredients. Relax and enjoy life with the unique taste of iKi.

iKi is a top fermented ale with high levels of natural anti-oxidants. The brewing process is equal to other top fermented ales. However iKi beer uses right from the beginning organic green tea leaves in its brewing process. Resulting in a unique taste profile and high-level of anti-oxidants. iKi Beer is world’s first beer with green tea.

iKi is there to create special moments and to share your travel through life together. iKi’s unique taste profile is the result of the fusion between east and west. To experience fine moments together or to enjoy a brilliant meal. Learn more about the two available flavours of iKi in the next chapter.

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