Gran Sangre de Toro 75cl (Pack of 6). Torres



DescriptionThe best Garnacha, Cariñena and Syrah grapes that produce Gran Sangre de Toro are grown in a region famous since the times of the Roman Emperor Augustus for producing the finest Mediterranean wines.OriginTowards the end of the 1960s, Miguel Torres Carbó decided to produce a wine with a well defined identity and a character of its own. Straight away we started experimenting with Garnacha Tinta (60%) and its usual partner, Cariñena (25%). The years passed and eventually we also added Syrah (15%). Thus, ennobled by ageing in oak, this wine was born with its intense colour and its rich and fruity aroma.Serving suggestionsIdeal with game dishes, ragout and spicy meat dishes. Serve at 17ºCTasting NotesAll the exuberant aroma traditionally found in an intense, ripe red wine, with a sensual background of fine spices in good balance with perfumed notes reminiscent of blackberries. Full, long finish on the palate.Grape VarietiesCariñena: A classic and traditional Mediterranean variety.Garnacha Tinta: This variety is the most cultivated Mediterranean grape worldwide.Syrah: This variety is associated with two key regions, the Rhone Valley in France and now also as New World Shiraz from Australia.Awards received- Semana Vitivinícola (Spain) 2013: 92 points     Gran Sangre de Toro 2009

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