Fine Calvados (with case) 70cl (Pack of 6). Père Magloire



The Calvados Père Magloire Fine is a classic taken from the most exquisite apple brandies. Generation after generation keeps the original flavor of the apple of Normandy.Frank character, combines the strength of their youth with the delicate scent of the apple. It offers a combination of well-developed flavors and a light amber color.Company information:Père Magloire welcomes you warmly in the world of Calvados, the fruit of Normandy. Through this site you will be able to improve your knowledge of the development of this apple brandy, from the fruit to the eau de vie, passing by the orchards, the “Aires d’Appellation”, the distillation, the cellars and the secrets of maturing. You can also benefit of our best receipts and hints for appreciating the beauty of this noble eau-de-vie.You are most welcome to discover the delight of Normandy also through a guided tour of our cellars and a free tasting of our products. To round off this unique experience, we propose you to enjoy an authentic Normandy meal in our restaurant “Les Tonneaux de Père Magloire”.The uniqueness of Calvados Père Magloire makes it an appreciated gift, perfecting the moments of luxury and calm.

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