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From the legendary olive tree and the olive obtained from its fruits together with the history of humanity. The first crops dedicated to oil were from Palestine, Crete and Egypt in the XIV century BC, and have been continued until nowadays. Our extra virgin olive oil is elaborated with arbequine olives 100% from the region of Siurana.

The recollection is made in a traditional way to not jeopardize neither the fruit nor the quality of the oil, from November until January. This olive oil stands out because of its aroma of ripe fruit, as well as banana and fresh grass. Sweet in taste with fresh almond notes. The olives arrives to the mill every day and are examined to make sure that are in perfect conditions to guarantee a good quality olive oil. Right after the leaves are washed from impurities after recollection. Afterwards, they are weighted and kept to clean and make the oil. This process is made in a very brief time to not damage the olive and avoid any alteration in acidity and abnormal flavours.

Company information:
Mallafré is a familiar oil presser founded in 1934 by the gradfather, Joan Mallafré Salvado, and the grandmother, Josefa Cros Torrents, in Riudoms, village from the region of Baix Camp (Tarragona).
In those times, the mill was made with millstone and a hydraulic press. In 1975, with the help of my father, Humbert Mallafré Cros, the grandfather put another pack of millstones and a second hydraulic press.
In 1984, the father expanded the company again replacing the hydraulic pressers by another two pressers, more modern.
Due to the rising up of the olives production, in 1989, with the help of the third generation, a new centrifuge system was implanted acquiring a press with higher capacity for 40 000 Kg of olives per day. After that, the grinding capacity was duplicated thanks to another continuous press.
In the year 2003 we acquired a new mill to produce 100 000 Kg per day.

Our oil presser is unique given that is made by a group of millstones, four hydraulic pressers and two continued systems with partial extraction system Sinolea y Palacin, with its respective settling tanks and centrifuges.

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