Encapsulated hazelnut oil 50gr. Caviaroli



CAVIAROLI hazelnut oil is made with cold-pressed hazelnut. Being 100% hazelnut oil brings all the flavor and aroma of hazelnuts. This CAVIAROLI has a faint yellow color, which tends to a characteristic pastel yellow.
CAVIAROLI is an explosion of flavor that reflects the intense flavor and quality of the oils. This is achieved by encapsulation technology that allows obtaining a texture area equal to caviar. CAVIAROLI breaks in the mouth, allowing diners to enjoy a delicate helping of pure oil before mixing with the other ingredients of the dish. CAVIAROLI hue depends on the starting raw material to print a special character to each of the varieties.

USECAVIAROLI is a new way to present and use the oil, so can be used anywhere where would use crude oil.Works well with all kinds of dishes, hot and cold. Resists temperatures up to 60 ° C so it can also be used in soups and hot creams.It is not recommended to cook with it, the exposure to hot surfaces breaks the lining of the pearl.
CONSERVATIONStore between 6 º C and 26 º C.In a cool , dry place. Away from sources of heat, light and strong odors.Once opened, keep it covered in their own oil hedging and store refrigerated. Avoid freezing .Before using flip the jar a few times so that they release their aroma .Once opened it is recommended to consume within 4 weeks.

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