Beluga Imperial Caviar 1000g. Sos



The seduction of the most mythic Caviar in its purest shape. Beluga’s Caviar is big and soft, a deep grey that distinguishes by its absolutely unique character. Its complex flavour, prolonged at the end, classifies it as one of the best plates. How not to succumb to what is served in the world’s most prestigious hotels? It is the world’s biggest fish in fresh water, with 8 m maximum length and a superior weight of a metric ton.

Caviar obtained from it, between 2 and 2.5 mm, has a delicate and deep flavour, similar to walnut’s flavour. Roe’s colour is intensely golden. The degree of appreciation is bigger as lighter is its colour.

It differs from Beluga 000 only in the size of the roe, which is slightly smaller.

Company information:
SOS Caviar (Caviasa 2010 sl) has many years of experience working with the seek and selection of the best caviars of the world, always taking care of every little detail in order to delight our customers.
Every little spoon of our Caviar brings you to a world of new sensations where all the senses are captivated by the aphrodisiac power from which this caviar is characterized.
A long time ago, it was believed to be God’s feast because it was giving strength and vitality to whom that tried it.

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