Ancienne Mustard 200g. A l’Olivier



Ancienne Mustard. Ideal for white meat, roasts and vinaigrettes.

Company information:
The history of A l’Olivier goes back until year 1822 where, in the heart of Paris, a pharmacist named Popelin, created a store specialized in high quality oils. For many years, he struggled to provide to Parisians from a valuable olive oil that he considered like liquid gold. In the last fifteen years, A l’Olivier, has become the high class oil most recognized in all over the world, being the oil used by the most important French chefs, as Alan Ducasse, Paul Bocuse, Michel Roth among others. Through patented processes, A l’Olivier works with receipts based on exceptional oils selected from the best products from all the Mediterranean area, and fresh condiments like basil, chili and oregano.

Nowadays A l’Olivier owns seven locations in the best French cities and one in Belgium, where diverse oils with origin denomination are presented as well as its famous receipts with aromatized oils.

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