Anchovies in Vinegar 220g. Salaons Solés



Since 1888, a year where Francisco Solés Oliveras, great-great-grandfather of the actual owners. Funded Salaons Solés, five generations have been dedicated to salting of blue fish, maintaining the secrets and the tradition of a careful handmade elaboration until nowadays.

Company information:
Solés family has respected carefully since ancient times the values of the old masters of salting:
RESPECT: The light fence (spider web), old art of fishing that masters of Solés salting choose to, is respectful as much with the sea as with the natural resources, like fish integrity, which arrives to the dock without any scratches that would change its quality. Just the precise equilibrium between the right extent of the fish, the best moment for the fishing and the fishers experience in finding the best places that will make sure the survival of this tradition all along the centuries.
PATIENCE: This handmade elaboration, without any hurries, in the same way that our ancestors did, the long-time maturation, technique and acquired skills after many years of learning are the basis of the exquisiteness of our salting.
TORROIR: The origin of fish, captured by l’Escala, it’s a critic point to guarantee its freshness for one side and its unique taste and aroma in the other, of the fish that has lived near by the rich waters of La Costa Brava.
TRADITION: The salting process of anchovies is made patiently through the next steps: Evisceration (head and viscera extraction), Compression, Resting in marine salt, Maturation, Extraction of Supernatant, Taste and Package. Furthermore, if they are in oil, additional steps are followed: Desalting baths, Rinsing, Filleting and oil covering.

That is how it should be and how it is done in Can Solés since five generations back.

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