Aged Pancetta 1kg. El Graner



As its names says, it is the salted, slow aged part of pancetta pig. Very appreciated in the pan together with vegetables and legumes, even though it can be eaten in diced or sliced pieces.

Company information:
Inside the walls of El Graner, the best handmade sausages are elaborated from the area: two different lines of product (cooked and dried) that are cared from the first step (raw material extraction) until the last (the selling part).

Between cooked sausages, from which pâtés have a special deserved mention for its delicacy and variety, there are different types: ‘Campaña’, ‘Oporto’, green paprika, black pepper, fine herbs, smoked bacon, rabbit, mushrooms, figs, orange… and, even, cava. The fôie gras, sausages (with eggs, white ones, black ones, ‘perol’ type, catalan ones), cooked ham and cooked turkey chest are some examples of the products elaborated in El Graner.

In relation to dry sausages, like fuet, ‘longaniza’, loin, loin’s head or ‘panxeta’, they take the stamp of tradition, because they are made following the ascendance time procedures.

Everything is the result of the constant work and enthusiasm to improve every day, and, of course, the extraction of local meats that are from an absolute trust.

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